COVID-infection logbook – Part III

Read part 3 of my COVID logbook. Be aware, I am posting about mental health, too! See Part I and Part II in the respective links.

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Monday, Boxing Day – 26.12.2022

I’m depressed. My test today was still positive and I’m starting to lose hope to spend NYE with my bf’s family in Nuremberg. I am also still having symptoms: runny nose, coughing, mucus… I’m so tired of this BS, I’m so fed up with being sick. COVID just sucks every motivation out of me. 😔

Tuesday – 27.12.2022

I still feel utterly depressed and it’s all a drag, but it got a little better since yesterday?! But I still don’t know if I will be going to see my SO for NYE or not, I have been lonely and alone for Christmas… It was all way too much to take for me. I’m still testing positive today, but the stripe was so light, almost invisible. Not sure if I did it right? So I did a second test later that day, it was the same light stripe.

So, it’s finally getting better! That is something.

Wednesday – 28.12.2022

OMG, I’m testing negative! YAY!

I’m so happy.. and also, my mental health is back on track. Well, it wasn’t too great before the Covid infection, but it’s been better. So I’m kinda relieved I’m feeling a tad bit more like myself again. Phew… Still having a cough and my nose is so, so runny.

Thursday – 29.12.2022

YES. Again, negative! I told my Mom and asked if she wanted to meet up and she suggested to go fetch a coffee together. So, this is it. I guess I am done with this Covid infection, for now.

I’m also feeling way better. Like the fog has lifted. There’s a hint of motivation to tidy up my flat a little and put everything back in order.


I got sick with a sore throat on Thursday, 15.12.2022, in the evening. I went to work the next day, feeling kinda like developing a cold. Maybe mild rise of temperature, nothing serious. I got real sick the following Saturday, 17.12.2022, an tested positive on Sunday, 18.12.2022, and got a positive PCR test result back on Monday, 19.12.2022.

On Wednesday, 28.12.2022, I tested negative for the first time after the infection.

I hated this sickness very much and I do not recommend getting it. It’s awful, it messes with your brain so much and it’s really ugly. STAY SAFE! See you next year! ✨💜

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I won a COVID infection 🎉 – Part II

Read more about my Covid adventure and how much I hate it – another 5 day log. This might be a little messed up, because I failed to write down stuff as it happened and my brain is a mess, too. So… I’m probably throwing facts into the wrong days. Bear with me.

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Wednesday – 21.12.2022

After first feeling slightly better on Tuesday, and my voice gradually coming back, I felt a little less good on Wednesday. My parents came by today to deliver some groceries I asked for.

I feel my cough is getting more dry while I have a pressure in my chest indicating… I’m full of mucus that wants out, but the coughing was not strong enough to get it all out. Augh. Also, this illness is massively messing with brain chemistry. It’s awful, I feel super depressed and just lifeless.

Thursday – 22.12.2022

Still sick. Slowly coming to the conclusion that I will not spend Christmas with my parents after all. At least I felt well enough to be cooking something for my comfort: Spaghetti Carbonara. I was craving this so much! I asked my Mom to get me the ingredients, so I can make it. And I did. And it was delicious. So that was a little spark of light.

Lucas was being a little weird today, being very squeaky and I didn’t figure out what his problem was. In the evening, he just wanted to be alone, it seemed, and he vanished into the sleeping room. I thought he might just not feel to great himself, so I let him be. And later that night, I found him soundly sleeping on my bed. That poor puppo, maybe he was just not feeling great, maybe he’s getting sick, too.

Friday – 23.12.2022

Getting closer to Christmas. I feel sad. I started testing myself again, and of course, it’s positive, still. One little spark of light today was the delivery of yarn I ordered to crochet a hooded cowl.

Not wool, but polyacrylic in wonderful pastel rainbow colors. I love it!

It took me several attempts to get it somewhat right and also, I had to unravel a lot of progress in the process. But I finally got there, even if I got the stitch count wrong, and I continued and it looks so nice. I’m so happy with the outcome so far.

Saturday – 24.12.2022

So, today is Christmas, at least in Germany, and I’m alone instead of sitting in the kitchen with my mother, making Tapas and being cozy, I am home alone, on my couch, crocheting, eating sweets to cope and still being Covid-positive.

Sunday, Christmas Day – 25.12.2022

Still got a positive Covid test. I’m tired… the lines are also more prominent again. Let’s see how many more blog posts I need to get all of this covered until testing negative. 🥺

f*ck this sh*t, man

Logbook Part ILogbook Part III

Merry Christmas

The only thing bringing me some joy these days: Lucas. Here’s a little post about his Christmas Spacial.

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Since my dog is suffering a little from my illness and being at home all day, I tried to make him a special Christmas gift. I took a big carton box from a recent delivery and filled it up with news paper sheets. I wrapped some delicious treats for him in some paper, and put it in the box, scattering more treats and his entire evening ration of dog food in the news paper as well, creating a huge sniffle box for his enjoyment. I think it took him about half an hour to get everything out. He was very sleepy afterwards, and very satisfied. Mission accomplished!

Pastel Rainbow Hooded Cowl

My home-alone-Christmas-project was this hooded cowl. I found the pattern online on Ravelry (here’s the maker’s blog) and have started it a few days ago. As I started, I made a few changes to the pattern. I didn’t want to work it back and forth, turning the work at the seam, but I wanted to work it in rounds. I find this to be prettier in the end, but that’s just my opinion.

I can’t count stitches properly, it seems, and I just winged-it entirely. It’s a bit wonky, but I don’t think that will be too much of a problem while wearing it.

This is my progress so far. I need to work more rows on the shoulder part of the cowl, but I’m very happy how it’s turning out to look and feel. It’s such a pretty color and I can’t wait to wear it outside. 💜

Micro Journals

Still home with Covid and nothing much to do, so I started making micro journals!

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On Social Media, you see a lot of content creators using these teeeeny teeny tiny journals for their journaling content, like the one here:

These can be found on a diversity of shops online.

I looked for these online, and I have found them on the Big A and Aliexpress, too. But alas, on A they are pretty expensive and on Aliexpress, the shipping is just meh. I don’t want to import these, tbh. So, how else to acquire something you want when it’s seemingly not available to your conditions? Right. Do it yourself. 😏

So, I started thinking what I’d need to make one of these. It’s fairly easy: some leather scraps, paper, something bind it all together and a strap. I’ve got everything, so I did it.

I chose my leather scraps. There is some grey, light brown, some red and black leather scraps in my collection. All of these are leftovers from crafting projects my Mom did or just scraps from former leather clothing from my grandparents. It’s a wild mix, but I did not buy any of these, is all I am saying. 😉

Next up: paper. My favorite theme. I collected some sheets from my stash, cut them all to DIN A8 size, so that in the end, the pages of my journals are about A9 in size. So that’s really tiny. I cut all my papers and it was a lot. I decided I had enough to make 4 little journals, so I folded all of them and stacked them up. then I made a template for the stitches, punctured the first stack of papers and stitched them together as signature for my first mini journal. After finishing this, I stitched the signature to the leather cover I cut out previously. For the first little booklet, I make a little strap from a rubber band. Attaching it to the leather proved to be difficult. In the end, I made a hole with a punch into the spine of the leather cover, put the band through it ant glued it to the leather. I also put some glue into the spine of the cover to glue the signature into it. And there, it was done.

I ended up adding some charms to it, but I’m done and I love it. The second one was basically done in the same way, I just used some waxed cotton yarn to wrap around the cover to hold everything together.

Now, I still have two stacks of paper left, so two more mini journals are to be made, but I will not do that today anymore. I hope you enjoyed reading this! ✨💜