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I won a COVID infection 🎉 – Part I

Read my 5-day log about it here.

How it started – 15.12.2022

I have been avoiding a COVID infection for the longest time. So when I started getting a sore throat on Thursday evening, 15th Dec., I didn’t think much of it. It made me thirsty as heck, tho, and I probably drank 2 liters of water on that evening alone. Of course, that much water in the evening leads to a very sleepless night with having to pee all the time. And thus, I was kinda groggy the next day when I went to work, throat still sore.

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Friday, 16.12.2022

On Friday, still not thinking much of it, I went to work, although I thought about not going and calling in sick instead. But then I thought, besides of the sore throat, I was feeling okay-ish and if it got worse, I could still go home earlier.

I ended up going earlier, indeed, so there’s that. and I kinda felt weak and cranky and I curled up on my couch. I went to bed early and had a weird night, having to get up every other hour. I was feeling strange, like I was getting a fever, but then not really. Just the beginning of feeling sick.

Saturday, 17.12.2022

Finally, the weekend. Biggest accomplishment of this day was finishing my star-shaped crochet blanket. Other than that, I really did not do anything. It formally was planned to head out, meeting my parents for a walk with our dogs, but I told my Mom that I wasn’t feeling well, so we postponed it.

I stayed home, I started to slowly get a productive cough and was feeling miserable with a slightly heightened body temperature. Very slightly. Still, I wasn’t thinking Covid, but I planned on doing a test the next day to be sure this was only a cold or a bronchitis.

The night was filled with lively dreams and utter sleeplessness in the early morning hours. Luckily, my doggo let me sleep a little longer than usual, so there’s that.

Sunday, 18.12.2022 – Testing positive

The cough got worse over night and I felt even more miserable. After forcing myself out for walkies with Lucas and being very frustrated and irritated with him, I made myself a cappuccino, sat down.. and coughed so much and so strongly, I decided to take a test. The first one was almost instantly positive with just a very slight control bar visible. I was like “wait a second, this looks wrong?” – yeah.

So, I took a second test and it was positive after a few minutes already, too. Just like the first one, just with a more visible control bar. *Winning sound playing* congratulations to me, I won a COVID infection!

During the day, I really felt sick and tired. And constipated, like every sinus and everything in my head was stuffed. My nose is runny and my cough is productive, strong and hurtful in my chest and head.

So I’m also taking pain meds to cope. My skin, especially in my kidney region, gets really, really tender and touching it hurts a lot. Even my clothes rubbing on it is awful. Most pain meds reduce fever as well, but coping with pain is more important to me than letting my body temperature do its thing against the virus. I hope this does not impact with getting better.

Monday, 19.12.2022

Today started out with me having no pain, but feeling utterly sick. I booked a PCR test for later that day to have an official document stating my infection. It came back positive in the evening. Tell me something new, huh?!

I developed a low fever during the day, causing me to sleep through most of my afternoon and evening. Nothing much to add: thick and nasty mucus, growly cough, runny nose… and everything hurt in a very specific way I cannot quite describe. I also hate how my skin gets so sensitive to touch when I’m having a fever, it’s awful to even move.

I called in sick for the whole week. My boss was very understanding, but I sure also sounded massively sick on the phone, as my Mom told me later when I called her. Yeah, well, must have been because I was also feeling like shit. My task of the day was driving to and from the testing station safely, and I made it. There was black ice in the morning, luckily, when I had to go, it was all gone again and the streets were sanded and all was fine.

I got to bed early that evening but I could not fully fall asleep until 20:30, when I got up for a toilet break. I decided to take some pain meds, to maybe be able to find a comfortable sleeping position then. It seems to have worked, in the end. I slept good, but very sweaty.

Tuesday, 20.12.2022

Everything feels still feels very sick, but gradually maybe getting better? At least Mom said “oh you sound better today!”. That’s a news! Other than that, I don’t have a fever anymore, for now, and I feel as if a fog has lifted, so that’s a thing. But my brain chemistry is really messed with and I can’t smell as good as I could before, my appetite is LOW aaand my heart-region feels weird… The coughing is better, though, and the nose is not as runny anymore. So here’s hoping I can spend the holidays with my family, maybe. 🥹 Let’s see.

Concluding this post with a huge “COVID SUCKS, DON’T GET COVID!” and see you in the next post.

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