Testing: TooGoodToGo

TooGoodToGo Logo

Maybe you‘ve heard of it already, but here in short: TooGoodToGo is an app that helps restaurants, bakeries and other shops minimize their food waste. As a customer, you can choose from different offers and you receive surprise bags or whole meals for a reduced price. It‘s really a neat idea and since I live in the very heart of Berlin now, I might as well try this out, is wat I thought.

Bag full of bakery goods

So I went ahead and after a long time browsing the app, I finally found something that caught my fancy and I ordered it. A surprise bag of baked goods for 3,50€ To be picked up between 19:30 and 20:00. Alright, I grabbed my dog and we took a stroll to said bakery and, oh my goodness?! We got a surprise bag indeed! It was SO HEAVY!

At home I checked what‘s inside: 3 (big!) sandwiches, which I immediately put into the fridge, so they wouldn‘t go bad, and everything you see on the photo on the side. It is really a lot and I can easily live quite some days off of what I got for mere 3,50€. I‘m not only very surprised by this bag, I will also totally do it again to see what else I can get. 😏