Seek yourself ∞ what matters most

Seek yourself ∞ what matters most

This symmetry sketch is sort of vent art-ish for me, so this is getting quite personal here.

Last year around this time, so in June 2020, I had a severe mental breakdown. It was caused by a massive burn-out which was caused by me ignoring my depressions. Long story short: I went to clinic, had therapy, got meds, I‘m feeling way better now. But this event and everything that followed left an impression on me.

Ever since this all happened, I try hard to not fall into the same old habits and thinking spirals. And it‘s really hard to work on that, but I think I’m on the right path with it. And it also works way better than it did a year ago or before the breakdown. And I‘m really helpful for that.

So, what‘s with this picture now?

Seek yourself. Who are you and what defines you? What are the achievements of your (recent) past?

I, for example, have kinda learned to accept myself as I am. It takes time, though, and practice and it‘s tough. Not gonna lie. But I know myself good enough now to take care of myself, when I need it.

And what did I achieve? A whole lot. I managed to finish my Bachelors and my Masters, I got a job that pays the rent, and I‘m still doing art on the side. just to name a few.

What matters most. Ask yourself. What are the things in life that matter the most to you? Can you figure out what does not benefit your mental health? Can you remove that from your life? If you can answer the latter with „yes“, then go ahead.

Yes, it‘s easier said than done. But what is not? Life is a challenge and while we‘re all not up to it at some point, we gotta push through.

Seek yourself ∞ What matters most.

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