Long time no see

Not sure if anyone is reading this, but I will try to write more. I know it helps me to clear my mind off of things and stuff, so why not. Also, everyone likes a little exhibitionism, why else would one use Social Media after all.

Time has passed and I haven’t found neither energy nor motivation to get myself to update this site. I mean, I wanted it to be my gallery, self-hosted, my little semi-private space on the webs, but here we are. Without energy/motivation/determination, nothing makes sense anymore and this is what happens then: I focus on RL and on the things that need to be taken care of to keep Lucas and me alive and everything else is pure luxury.

My KoFi-Shop is now live!


You can now buy some of my artwork and crafts I created over time via my Ko-Fi Site. It’s very handy and offers just what I need without being that other website to see arts and crafts over.

I need your help.

If you want support me and my art, you can do so in various ways!

It really helps me a lot! Every small gesture is very welcome! 😍